In Eskimonster: Pingus Rising Ice fish for nice fish while defending your catch from the Wiley Pingu Mafia. The more fish you have, the more pingus will come for your haul!



Play is the titular Eskimonster and try to catch 20 fish before you are overwhelmed by the Wiley Pingu Mafia. Move around and smash holes in the ice to catch fish. Watch out, the more fish you have caught, the Wiley Pingu Mafia will send Bigger and Stronger Pingu Thugs to take you out. Every time you are hit, you lose a fish. It is game over if you get hit with no fish!


A/D -> Move Left and right

S -> Smash Ice/Drop Fishhook

W -> Jump

Spacebar -> Punch

Esc -> Quit

Tools Used

Engine: Unity 2017

Graphics: Piskel

Audio: Bosca Ceoil

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