Welcome to Colossal Cat Adventure: Maze of the Elder Gods: Lazer Turret’s Revenge Part 2: The Awakening (“Camo-Teggle-Terp-Twotah” for short)

This cat is from the future, but he’s here to save the past!

In this TEXT BASED PLATFORMER it is the distant future and humans are extinct. Without their best friends dogs have overrun the world and nearly eradicated the entire cat species. But one cat, sent from the even more distant future, could change everything! Can he unravel the yarn of mystery and discover how to put a paws to the dogs tyrannical rule? That is entirely up to you.

What do you do?

In this TEXT BASED PLATFORMER, type “help” into the console for a full list of commands!

DISCLAIMER: This game was made on equipment that also processes things with real stories. This game also contains no dogs.

  • Navigate through the 10+ hand-crafted levels.
  • Pick up key-cards to unlock the level exits.
  • Avoid laser turrets!
  • WYTIWYG (What you type is what you get!)


CollosalCat.zip 14 MB
CollosalCat_FlightyVersion.zip 14 MB